International dance competition Regulations


- To create conditionsto perform for dance groups of different age and styles of dance;

- To provide professional stage and equipment for performances of dance groups;

- To create good conditions for an objective evaluation by a professional jury, who will follow clear criteria and evaluate performances;

- To promote quality, creative leisure activities;

- To develop social competences, communicate in verbal and movement languages;

- To develop personal creativity competencies, self-confidence, responsibility, application and sharing of artistic skills and knowledge;

- To assist participants and team leaders in establishing contacts with foreign and Lithuanian dance representatives;

- To award (with diplomas, cups, medals) the best dance groups in different categories;

- To select and award Grand Prix winners.


Registration for dance groups (online form must be filled in by the head of group): until 2024 February 16 th

Performance music record (MP3 format) has to be sent to email until 2024 March 9th

Competition fee (full or deposit payment of 50% by bank transfer): until 2024 February 16th*

Final confirmation of participation is made when registration form is correctly completed, performance music and full or deposit bank transfer payment of 50% is received.


- The jury will consist of professional choreographers from Lithuania and abroad. Advanced and beginners dance groups will be judged on a private 10-point scale, from 1 to 10, according to the criteria below. For each dance group, the average of all members of the jury evaluation is calculated. The chairman's evaluation of each category is doubled.

- All participants will be awarded with acknowledgment and encouragement prizes;

- In all beginners and advanced age and style categories I, II, III place winners will be announced and awarded with diplomas, cups, medals.

- The best group of advanced teams decided by jury will be awarded with the SHOCK Grand Prix Cup.

* BABY DANCE - age groups will not be categorized by dance and will have an exceptional evaluation system. All baby dance groups will be evaluated for 1, 2 or 3 place by the jury and awarded with competition diplomas, medals and cups.


- Performance technique;

- Synchronicity;

- A sense of style;

- Artistry;

- Musicality;

- Stage image;

- Stage culture.


- BABY (6 and younger)

- KIDS (7 - 9 years)

- CHILDREN (10 - 12 years)

- JUNIORS (13 - 16 years old)

- ADULT (17 years and over)

- XY (28 years and over)

* No more than 20% of different age group participants can perform in one collective


- Street dance show

- Street dance

- Show dance

- Vogue

- Dancehall

- High heels

- Pop dance

- Contemporary dance

- Classical dance

- Free dance

- Ballroom / Latino show dance

- Baby dance


- Beginners - participants dancing for less than two years.

(At least 80% of group dancers must be beginners and dance for less than two years).

- Advanced - participants dancing for more than two years.


- The collective must consist of at least 5 dancers;

- Festival participants perform one dance in their categories;

- Dance style categories may be merged with other styles if informed in advanced.

- Collective performance duration is from 2.00 minutes to 4.00 minutes;

- Dimensions of the dance floor 10m x 10m;

- The participants are solely responsible for the copyright of the phonograms/music records they use.

- Participants and accompanying persons cover the travel and living expenses themselves.

- If there are less than two groups in one dance category, then the beginner and advanced categories will be merged and evaluated together with prior warning for the team leaders.

- If there are less than two groups in one dance category, the collective may be joined to another dance category with prior notice to the team leaders.

- The collective may be disqualified for improperly selected category or capacity orthe commission score may be reduced.

- Event organizers have the right to film and shoot all performances with no extra cost, and reserve the right to print and post contest information, photos, visuals on the media, the press, social networks and websites.

- Non-participants entrance fee for is 7 Eur per person.


- one dance (per 1 dancer) - 25 Euros;

- two dances (per 1 dancer) - 30 Euros;

- three dances (per 1 dancer) - 35 Euros;

The starting competition fee has to be paid to:

Association “Erdvė Menui”I.k. 304150363 Bank account number: LT32 7044 0600 0806 8758 SWIFT CBVILT2X

Payment purpose: Competition name, collective (group) name and number of participants (Example: SHOCK 2024, „Dance", 20 people);

* The organizers reserve the right to adjust and change these regulations after informing the registered groups team leaders.